Limit and protect the internet at school without needing a degree in IT

The SchoolHub is a WiFi router that blocks the bad stuff and allows you to put limits on social media, gaming and websites from one simple dashboard. You don't have to lift a finger - protection is built right in from the get-go.

Instant protection with zero setup

Set limits on gaming and social media

See the videos they've been watching

Completely separate WiFi signal

Image of the SchoolHub router

Works with every device in the school. Keep the kids safe.

Making sure the school WiFi is protected but not restricted is taken care off by the SchoolHub. We look out for the bad sites, all you do is join the SchoolHub WiFi and you're protected

  • Block entire categories - or individual games and websites
  • Works with any device - from phones to PCs
  • No software to install
  • Dedicated WiFi means the main school internet is untouched
  • Daily and weekly usage reports emailed via PDF

Get the low down on downloads.

Besides blocking known malware and virus harbouring websites, the SchoolHub allows you to report on usage on a daily or weekly basis.

  • See how the internet is being used from a central dashboard
  • See downloaded social media profiles and videos
  • Adult content and nefarious websites blocked with a click
Screen shot of the B9 dashboard showing downloaded images from social media
A chart of usage activity from the B9 dashboard

What else can the SchoolHub do?

Centralised setup

Create time limits and restrictions from one central dashboard. No fiddling with parental controls on school devices or complex firewalls, just set and forget.

Set rewards for good behaviour

Spending less time glued to screens means more time to do fun things. Make it happen by defining rewards for spending less time on social sites and games.

Thwart malware & viruses

The SchoolHub prevents malware and viruses from coming into and getting out of your home. Clicked a dubious link? We have you covered, SchoolHub shields up!

Cyber safe in under 30 seconds.

Can you connect a wire from your existing router and plug the SchoolHub into a mains socket? You're hired.


Connect the SchoolHub

Connect the Ethernet cable from the SchoolHub into a spare socket on the back of your broadband router and connect the power cord.


Join the SchoolHub WiFi

Connect the children's gadgets or on-premise equipment and any other devices to the SchoolHub WiFi.


Keep calm and use

Rest safe in the knowledge that the SchoolHub is protecting your devices. Within minutes you'll be able to log into your dashboard and review the activity.

Buy now with a money back guarantee.

Purchase your SchoolHub now securely with PayPal. Includes our 30 day money back guarantee.


SchoolHub Standard

£99 / per year

  • SchoolHub router
  • Connect up to 20 devices
  • 12 months service and support
  • Shipping to UK or Europe

SchoolHub Pro

£149 / per year

  • 12 months incident support
  • SchoolHub router
  • Connect up to 20 devices
  • 12 months service and support
  • Shipping to UK or Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

No - it works along side your existing WiFi router that was provided by your Internet company or IT contractor. The SchoolHub connects easily with an Ethernet cable (supplied) to the back of your WiFi router meaning you can then connect devices to the SchoolHub that you want protecting and anything else stays on your existing WiFi. In most cases no additional configuration is required, sometimes your existing school firewall will need to be configured to allow the SchoolHub to connect. We can liase with your technical contractors for the initial setup at no charge.

For the technically minded, it's a 300Mbps WiFi router with 5Dbi antennas. This means the speed of the WiFi is fast and the signal will provide excellent coverage.

Yes, it will work with any existing router. We will provide you with an Ethernet cable and a quickstart guide that shows you how to connect the SchoolHub. You will need one spare socket on the back of your existing router to plug the SchoolHub into - you normally have four to choose from and they are coloured yellow. The SchoolHub plugs into any one of those, it doesn't matter which.

No, but in practice no more than 20 devices should be connected for the best performance.

Yes, any device that connects to the SchoolHub WiFi can be protected - it can also protected wired devices by connecting them to the back of the three spare sockets on the SchoolHub.

No, there is no software or app installation required. It works at the SchoolHub level, and it's the SchoolHub that is doing all the hard work filtering and blocking. This means you can have protection on devices that normally can't be protected, such as games consoles, smart appliances, WiFi printers and suchlike.

The price includes protection for a whole year - after which the service will renew. You do not have to pay per device or for additional devices, just connect them to the SchoolHub and you're done.

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What the customers and press have to say.

"With this device, parents can also limit their activity on social media, games and websites and set rewards for their children to use the internet less.




I'm so happy I came across this! it has taken a huge weight off my mind, especially with all the stories in the news recently.



Found the box easy to set up just plug and use. The dashboard is good how it blocks unsafe sites and keep the kids safe.

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