Secure your work mobiles.

The BusinessSIM is a contract free SIM card that gives you the ability to see, view, limit and report on what a smart phone is doing.

It's the first of its type that has the security built into the SIM card itself. No apps to install, no fiddly installation. Pop the SIM card into a smartphone and block phishing, viruses, apps and put time limits on social media.

Turn off apps, set time limits

Block phishing attempts

Monitor content and virus threats

Built into the SIM. No apps to install

Image of the BusinessSIM

Works with any unlocked phone.

Pop the SIM card into any phone and you're done. Our central dashboard updates itself with the phone's activity and allows you to block or restrict any app, game or website from literally anywhere.

  • Restrict apps like Snapchat outside certain hours
  • See what sites staff are accessing and how often
  • See in real time activity on the phone
  • Blocks malware and viruses without needing to install apps
  • Unbypassable - the technology is built into the SIM card

Get the low down on downloads.

Besides blocking known malware and virus harbouring websites, the BusinessSIM's firewall lets you see how regularly a particular app or website is used.

  • See how the internet is being used from a central dashboard
  • Get text alerts when malicious activity is detected
  • Adult content and nefarious websites blocked with a click
  • Reporting in PDF format for GDPR compliance
Screen shot of the B9 dashboard showing downloaded images from social media
A chart of usage activity from the B9 dashboard

What else can the BusinessSIM do?

Centralised setup

There's one central dashboard where you define internet limits. They're instantly enforced across the BusinessSIMs you have contracted with us.

Set limits

Set time limits to prevent access to certain apps or websites out of hours.

Thwart malware & viruses

The BusinessSIM firewall blocks malware and phishing sites so users can't be so easily tricked.

Cyber safe in under 30 seconds.

Can you pop a SIM card into a smartphone? You're hired.


Order the BusinessSIM

Pay online for the first month by ordering below. We'll ship the SIM to your address. When it arrives, pop it into a phone.


Set the rules

Log into your B9 dashboard and set limits. Or just take a look at what's happening. Monitor in real time the apps they're accessing.


Keep calm and use

The BusinessSIM is protecting the phone and the rules you set are enforced. The tech is inside the SIM itself - it cannot be bypassed.

Order your 5G data SIM now on pay as you go

Purchase your BusinessSIM now securely with PayPal. Each SIM comes with limitless 5G data on the O2 network - enough for even the most data hungry.


Limitless 5G Data

£25 / per month

  • Nano BusinessSIM SIM card
  • Limitless 5G data and voice
  • Full B9 dashboard access
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go
  • Shipping to UK or Europe
  • * prices ex. VAT
Best deal

BusinessSIM Twin Pack

Limitless 5G Data

£49 / per month

  • TWO x Nano BusinessSIM cards
  • Limitless 5G data and voice
  • Full B9 dashboard access
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go
  • Shipping to UK or Europe
  • * prices ex. VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

The BusinessSIM is just like a regular 5G SIM card, except it has built in security that runs over our security network. Rather than requiring corporate filter apps or endless fiddling of device settings that could be bypassed, the BusinessSIM has the security technology built into the network rather than the phone. It's the first of its kind in the UK.

It will work in any unlocked phone that takes a nano sized SIM card (the smallest sized SIM). Nearly all phones these days are network operator unlocked. If the phone isn't unlocked, it can be easily unlocked in phone shops on the high street. An old hand-me-down iPhone or Samsung will work just fine.

We use the O2 network for our 5G services. O2 has superb coverage across the UK as well as an excellent track record in reliability. The 5G service you get through us is the same as the 5G service you get from O2, but with our added security layer.

Yes, you can roam in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chanel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

These plans are for normal person to person use from your phone and not for any other uses (for example, but not limited to SIM boxes, taxi meters, etc). If we find that the plans are being misused or being used for fraud, we'll contact you and ask you to stop and if you don't then we may disconnect your SIM card from our network.

No, there is no software or app installation required. It works at the SIM card level, and it's the SIM card that is doing all the hard work filtering and blocking.

We will send you a warning message once you've hit 80% and 100% of your monthly data allowance. Once you run out of your monthly data allowance, we won't charge you anymore, but you won't be able to use mobile internet. To continue to use mobile internet after you've used up your current month's data allowance, you'll need to buy one of our data add-ons which will allow you to use mobile internet until your next bill date.

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What the customers and press have to say.

"With this device, parents can also limit their activity on social media, games and websites and set rewards for their children to use the internet less.




I'm so happy I came across this! it has taken a huge weight off my mind, especially with all the stories in the news recently.



Found the box easy to set up just plug and use. The dashboard is good how it blocks unsafe sites and keep the kids safe.

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